Affordable Skeleton Watch Review: How To Buy Quality Skeleton Watches

Affordable Skeleton watches for men what is up guys is Andrew with my watch addiction dot-com and as promised we are back to take a look at the second skeletonized watch in skeleton week at my watching addiction calm today we are actually going to be taking a look at a Thomas Earnshaw longcase.

Before we get started guys don’t forget subscribe buttons down there in the right-hand corner of the screen so you can follow us in the future and definitely come back and check us out on Friday because I have something really really exciting on Friday to share with you guys a watch that has been sitting on my shelf that’s been driving me nuts because I was really excited to get it and really excited to share with you guys but I actually forgot I had it in the pile anyway guys let’s jump into this Earnshaw long-case so if you guys aren’t familiar with Earnshaw watches or Thomas Earnshaw watches it’s a watch company that I actually came across that has a lot of skeletonized dials a lot of skeletonized watches and one thing guys before I open this I’m gonna point this out.

When I received this watch because I bought a use this this watch boxes betta shit so yes I know the top is broken and yes I know it’s in not that great of shape but it’s about the watch not about the case so in this watch box real quick comes with a warranty card and manual in the watch box itself but that’s not why we’re here and you don’t I just don’t care about watching me fight with that so here is the Earnshaw longcase the Earnshaw long case so we zoom in an Affordable Skeleton Watch.

Reviews little bit here you can see that very intricate design with that open heart at that 12 o’clock position in this Earnshaw a long case now one thing I love about this watch is that dial design in general I love those Roman numerals for the our indices for some reason with me I’m a huge huge fan of Roman numerals on watches and then that skeletonized dial on that frame of that skeleton movement which incidentally I have no idea what movements in this watch I can’t find any information about the movement in this watch so I honestly don’t know so I’m therefore not going to comment on its accuracy or if it’s a good movement or not I just think it looks really really neat with that open heart at 12 o’clock position the other thing you’ll notice about this movement that’s in this watch is there’s a lot of design work that’s done into the actual case the the little details are the the scalloping or the the engraving that’s done on the case of that movement itself I think is pretty sharp and really adds to the design I love the minute in our hands on this watch I think those combined with those Roman numerals at those hour indices just make it look extremely extremely classy and then of course that crown just adds to the overall design of this watch.

Now this watch is 43 millimeters and this guy runs in at about 11 millimeters thick you can see right on the side of the case that says Earnshaw right there on the side you flip it over to the other side and you have that crown that is is pretty detailed I don’t even know what they would call that style crown but I think it looks pretty sharp and then of course if we flip it over you see that open display case back with that movement and this is really what I was talking about with putting design work into the frame and into that rotor it just makes the watch look really really nice in my opinion the light catches all of those engravings really nicely and I think it’s just a really really sharp affordable skeleton watch reviews for men watch now I actually picked up this watch on a trade however brand new you can get this watch let’s see here directly from Earnshaw for about three hundred and thirty pounds now I wouldn’t spend that much on this watch I I have found this watch in aftermarket sights for about two hundred and fifty dollars in on ebay you can definitely grab this watch anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars just a really really really classic design I think it’s a very sharp dress watch and I think this is a watch that’ll likely be in my watch collection for a while

If we walk around again this is a real leather band has Earnshaw written right there in the strap genuine leather and then it’s got that alligator styling our alligator skin feel to it very very nice material I mean it’s not stiff it’s not waxy it’s not anything like that that those are incidentally twenty millimeters at the log so it is a little bit smaller than I would like but in relation to the watch itself it’s not bad at all so that was the Earnshaw longcase from Thomas Earnshaw watches a little bit more expensive than the Eragon we reviewed on Monday much much much closer to a dress watch styling I think this watch will likely get a fair amount of wrist time just because it’s going to be really really easy for me to match it with some of my suits and stuff for work very very classic design in my opinion this watch is really readable and this is a watch that I’m gonna enjoy having in my collection

I think it’s just a very very classically designed watch recognizing full well that not knowing what kind of movement and it is in it I haven’t done any accuracy tests on it I have no idea how good the movement is in this but I know that this watch is a watch that at face value looks extremely good and for the price that you can pick up one of these four is definitely a in my estimation a goodbye anyway guys affordable skeleton watches I’m gonna get out of here don’t forget to come back on Friday and take a look and see what I have in for our last skeleton watch for skeleton week at my watch addiction calm guys if you want to see this watch or any of my other watches on my wrists on a daily basis don’t forget to follow us at Instagram slash watch addiction dot us I’m gonna take off have a great couple of days guys and I will see you back here on Friday affordable skeleton watch reviews for men.

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