Military Tactical Watches – Top 10 Toughest Military G-Shock Watches for Tactical & Outdoors

Hey, everyone. Jenesis Jones here with Total G Shockers. And in this video we are going through the top 10 G Shock tactical / military watches. So we come in. So, first things first. You may wonder, “Jenesis, what’s a tactical watch?” Well, I’m glad you asked. You know, you’ve asked the best questions on this channel. Such a tactical watch is a watch designed to meet the unique needs of security forces and / or extreme sports enthusiasts. Some now believe that a tactical watch is a tough, rough clock capable of performing a complex and somewhat sophisticated feature, such as shock resistance, advanced time recording features such as a countdown timer and stopwatch, sufficient background technology, and even features that are capable of achieving atomic or polar functions. Well, if that’s the case for a tactical look, then I think we can say that G-Shock is … … a tactical brand. Overall, nautical clocks are designed for the rugged outdoor activities. Now the tactical concept when discussed in the context of a military context usually means that the watch may have features involved in military operations.

What those operations might be, you might ask, I don’t know just because I’m not in the military service … … at the quick lace to all my military men and women out there, lots of love and respect for you. We all appreciate your service. Thank you so much. I just want to let you know. Now back to the tactical look explanation, this is a watch designed for tactical missions, Not to be confused with a watch with tactical features. So bottom line, the robustness and reliability of the watch especially under extreme conditions, are the key factors to consider when removing a tactical watch for the army. So now that we know what a tactical watch is, let’s jump in the top 10 list now the top G-Shock tactical watches for the army, which all have shock resistance and 200 meters of water resistance. # 10 GA-700UC-8A The GA-700 base series was launched in 2016 and is one of Casio’s most highly promoted analog-digital G-Shock models.

Now this GA-700UC is the Utility Color Collection that includes three color ranges It was inspired by military uniforms and utility jackets. The a model is a dark gray watch with monotone ties and straps, Reverse LCD screen and black buttons. Features of this watch include a front button to activate the Super Illuminator LED light, big index and hands, world time up to 48 cities, stopwatch, countdown timer, 4 daily alarms, and a 5 year battery life on a C2016 battery.

Now I wish the countdown sound was not limited to 60 minutes, and although the battery life is 5 years, I’d rather look with tough solar technology. Total weight is 69 grams. The size of the bag is 57.5 millimeters Retail Price: $ 99 in USD. Now it’s an excellent choice for military use and for those Who prefer a watch that is difficult but conservative. # 9 GD-400MB-1 The GD-400 is a large G-shock that is a wire-face protector contains. to withstand exceptional impact. The MB-1 model is the watch that gives a tough tactical look because it is a black clock with green accents on an inverted LCD screen. No other features on this GD-400 are the hourly clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, LED light, flash warning, low battery warning multi-time feature that have the ability to display time for 4 different cities, and a 3 year battery life on a CR2032 battery. Now the total weight is 78 grams. The size of the bag is 55 millimeters. The retail price: $ 110 USD. This high performance watch has an innovative face protector, This makes it the ideal time for tactical use.

# 8 GWM530A-1 An upgrade to its predecessor, the GWM500 series, The digital GWM530 has a great IP body and large readable numbers on the very large LCD screen, which I really like. The A-1 model has a black body, red and white accents, and is a sleek G-Shock that has a very low profile. Striking features of this model include multiband six atomic time work, naugh solar power, full auto EL background with post-glow, world-time up to 48 cities, 4 daily alarms, a snooze alarm, the hourly time signal, stopwatch and countdown timer. Now synchronize the time every night, especially if you carry it in bed. Now it has little synchronization problems when you turn off the clock and put it on the sofa or in a window. Now the total weight is 140 grams. The case size is 56.8 millimeters, The retail price: $ 130 USD.

Bottom line, the GWM530A-1 is a smooth one high-speed watch loaded with attractive features, be able to perform in those environments that call for tactical activity. # 7 AWGM100B-1A The AWGM100 B is a great improvement on the G100 range. A stealthy looking watch, the 1A model is a black-black body With white hands that creates the necessary contrast for easy readability of time. It’s a clock with a tough solar power, multiband 5 atom time, full car LED light with after-glow, world time up to 48 cities, 5 daily alarms, the hourly time signal, stopwatch and countdown timer. Now on this analog-digital model there is no second-hand just the hour and minute hands. And the digital LCD sub-displays are not standard; Instead, it has reverse LCD sub-displays.

Now the total weight is 56.4 grams. Case size is 52 millimeters. The retail price: $ 150 USD. A conservatively styled watch with remarkable features, The AWGM100B-1A is a great magazine that is more practical in those tactical situations. # 6 GW-6900-1 Now based on the original model DW-6900, the GW-6900 is an excellent military viewing option. A simple design, the GW-6900 is a digital clock with a black body, gray accent, and standard LCD screen. Features include multiband 6, tough solar technology, world time up to 48 cities, full car EL background with glow, 5 alarms, hourly time signal, stopwatch and countdown timer. This watch has a good EL background that makes it easy for you when it works in the dark or underwater. Now the total weight is 67 grams. The size of the bag is 53.2 millimeters. The retail price: $ 130 USD. This watch, with one of the iconic G-Shock case designs, is a great option for those looking for a simple digital watch With more advanced features like multiband atomic time and harsh sun.

# 5 GD120MB-1 Introducing the GD-120 range of popular large-scale models, This series features a basic, classic G-Shock design with the three-rotating face-down windows. The MB-1 model is all black with red accents and inverted LCD. Other features of this watch include a car-super-lighting LED background, multi-time function up to 4 different cities, world time up to 48 cities, 5 independent alarms, the hourly time signal, flash alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer and a 7 year battery life … … you heard right … 7 years battery life with a CR2025 battery. Now the GD120 is a big case, making it more suitable for those with big wrists. The total weight is 72 grams. The size of the bag is 55 millimeters. The retail price: $ 99 USD. With this impeccable seven-year battery life, big buttons, and tough-looking design, The GD120 military black watch is a good choice for unsafe tactical use.

# 4 GA110MB-1A An X-case analog-digital series with the display that has an industrial feel, The GA-110 is a well-known collection. Now the MB-1 is a stealthy matte black model with high contrast analog hands and markers, red-toned accent, and negative LCD sub display. Features that come with this watch are magnetic resistance, world time up to 48 cities, an automatic LED light with glow, 4 daily alarms with snooze alarm, hourly time signal, countdown timer, stopwatch and 2 year battery life with a CR1220 battery. Now it’s one of the three models that were part of the MB military black G-Shock series.

Total weight is 72 grams. Case size is 55 millimeters. The retail price is $ 120 USD. With an extra large analog style and stealthy look, this model is a favorite under the professional careers, such as the police, law enforcement and the army. # 3 DW-5600BBN-1 The iconic DW-5600 just had to make this list. The BBN-1 model is a military-inspired design that includes a black-black design, reverse LCD screen, and a tactical nylon strap made of Cordura material. Other features of this watch include a post-gloss EL background, flash warning, stopwatch, counter, multifunction alarm, hourly signal and a 2 year battery life on a CR2016 battery. With an extra rugged tire, this model is intended for use in harsh outdoor environments and would be an excellent choice for the army. Now the total weight is 53 grams. The size of the case is 48.9 millimeters. The retail price: $ 99 USD. A total knockout, the DW-5600 military-inspired watch is a must for those who enjoy and respect the classic G-Shock look. # 2 GD-350-8 A G-Shock specifically designed for those special secret missions that require precision, The GD350 looks like lower gear designed for stealth operations.

This model is a big digital big neutral face, dual display mode, and a large standard LCD screen. Other features include LED light, 5 daily alarms, world time up to 100 cities, stopwatch, countdown timer, hourly signal, flash alarm, vibration alert, and a 5 year battery life with a CR2032 battery. Now that I like this watch is the unique vibration alert It can be used for alarms, countdown alerts, and hourly time signals. The total weight is 75 grams. The bag size is 53.4 millimeters. The retail price: $ 120 USD. Now with this big screen, vibration mode and dual display mode, the GD350-8 is a good tactical watch but may not be the best option if you are trying to wear long sleeves. # 1 GA100L-1A A big case analog digital series with a screen which resembles that of an instrument panel, The GA-100 is a well-known ana-digi collection. This L-1A watch has a black body with gray and green accents, negative LCD sub-displays, and a black band with a green color at the bottom, which is a design inspired by the military fleece lining.

Features that come with this watch are magnetic resistance, world time up to 48 cities, an automatic LED light with glow, 4 daily alarms with snooze alarm, hourly time signal, countdown timer, stopwatch, and a 2-year battery life with a CR1220 battery. Now it’s one of the 5 watch models based on the military and rescue colors. Total weight is 71 grams. The size of the bag is 50 millimeters. The retail price: $ 99 USD. A great military look option, this great face ana-digi watch is a discreet still unique color path with a fashionable look.

All right. This is the top 10 tactical mission G-Shock watches for the army. Ask for you now: What look on this list did you like and why? We want to hear from you. So that’s all for today. If you like this video, you know what to do, give it a thumb. If you don’t have one yet, go ahead and sign in, and make sure you get the notification clock hit. so you can be notified when our next video drops. It’s been for now. I’ll talk to you later. And as always, continue to beat your G-Shock non-stop. For quality military watches shop here


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