The Automatic Watch Beginner’s GUIDE – How To Wind An Automatic Watch

So you’re new to the world of automatic watches and you don’t know what the difference is between an automatic watch and a hand winding watch you don’t know if you can over wind and automatic movement you don’t know if it’s good to let it stop or not I will address all these questions in this video.

Today we are going to talk about automatic watches this is going to be the beginner’s guide to automatic watches but of course before that customer a wristwatch check I’m wearing my citizen Promaster Nighthawk this one is back in the rotation after weeks of not wearing it you know I was looking at my collection and I really didn’t want to wear any of those watches and then I remembered that this one was sitting in a drawer and there it is I think it looks very cool on this kind of military bond NATO strap and most of the time not too much for busy dials because I do prefer simpler stuff but now I just really wanted to wear this one so here is why it’s on my wrist and I picked this one for a reason this is a quartz watch and this would be pretty much the opposite of a mechanical watch so as I said at the very beginning of this video this is a video for beginners.

If you’ve been a watch enthusiast or a watch geek for a long time you will pretty much know everything I’m going to talk about in this video but maybe you’re just on the verge of getting your first automatic watch or you have one and you’re still wondering a few things about what you should and should not do with this watch and so this is exactly why I made this video and I thought that it would be better to make a video for everybody to enjoy and learn now this is not a course on mechanical watches if you want to know in depth how mechanical watches work you should go and check on the internet there are many videos out there that are very well made and will explain you that in precise detail this is just a generic video about automatic watches and the question you might be asking yourself when you have one for the first time around if that’s your case well stick around and let’s turn right into it.

So first and foremost, what is an automatic watch so basically in the world of watches you have two big families of watches the first one is a quartz watch like this one and this one is powered by a battery and so that battery actually powers a tiny motor that will move the second heads forward every second and this is why you see a tick this is not the case with mechanical watches in there in that watch you have only gears and parts that are moving around so no electronics no battery no nothing if you look closely you will see that the second hand has a smoother sweep to it it can tick for as low as four times a second and it can take up to the point where it’s actually a perfectly smooth sweep.

Most of the time though you will find takes from six to eight times per second so what’s the difference between a hand winding and an automatic watch the hand winding watches and again as the name suggests you have to wind them with your hands in order to start in to maintain the power reserve of your watch while with automatic watches well the movement of your wrist all day long while you’re actually doing your stuff will wind the mechanism so if you wonder how you can tell apart hand winding watch from an automatic watch if you have an exhibition case back on your watch look at it and if you see that thing right there that big black part right here which is called a rotor this is an automatic watch so it will always stay at the bottom no matter what and this actually mimics the movements that I will do with my wrist all day long and this particular movement will actually wind the watch so if you wonder what self-winding means well then is exactly that the movement of your wrist will wind your watch all day long so you don’t have to do anything and if you happen to like Rolex this is what they call perpetual so this has nothing to do with perpetual calendars that you can find in some watches with honking creaking it’s another kind of word to say basically the exact same thing it’s a self-winding automatic watch and what happens if you don’t have an exhibition case back well you can be pretty certain that you will find an automatic inscription on the dial.

So how do you start an automatic watch so most automatic watches are hand winding as well and if that’s the case of your watch well just make sure that the crown is pushed all the way in because this is where you will be able to actually wind the watch and turn it upwards like this this motion will actually wind the watch but sometimes this will not work and probably the reason is that you have a dive watch with a screw down crown so this orient to is stopped right now and because it has a screw down crown well I cannot turn it in that direction that’s impossible I have to unscrew it first and I have to turn it downward to do that so first I unscrew the crown and it will pop out there you go and now it’s in the winding position so now I can turn it upward and by the way if you wonder how to put this back into position you have to push the crown and then turn upward like you wind winding but actually it will decouple from the winding mechanism and it will lock the crown and some automatic watches are not hand winding a famous example is the SK X line from Seiko which is powered by these seven s26 movement.

I happen to have the SK X 0 13 here and it is not a hand winding movement meaning that if I unscrew the crown because this is a diver watch and then I turn the crown like that nothing happens I can turn for hours and it will not wind the movement well the only way to start this baby is to shake it so if you shake it like that it will actually make the rudder move inside the watch and it will start the movement you can see now that the seconds hand is running so it’s all well and good and now your automatic watch is started but the question is can you over wind an automatic watch and if you’re wondering this I guess that nine times out of 10 you’re looking for a modern automatic watch if that’s the case the answer is no you cannot over wind an automatic watch that is powered by a modern movements and the reason is simple you cannot control the amount of movements that you do with your wrist all day so this is why watch manufacturers had to find a way to actually decoupled the automatic winding system when the mainspring is fully wound and if you wonder what the mainspring is

Well it’s the essential part of your watch when it comes to power reserve this is a exactly where the power is stored it is just a spring that is wound all the way and that will deliver the power to her watch during the day now if you’re looking for an older or a vintage piece sometime there might be problems with over winding so please do your homework in order not to damage your watch is it dangerous to fully wind an automatic watch the answer is no and by the way whether you like it or not because you move all day long at some point during the day you will wind the mainspring all the way how often should you whine an automatic watch and the answer is pretty simple and basically if your watch is already running you don’t have to do anything just put it on your wrist and wear it with the movement of your wrist you will wind up the mainspring during the day so no problem there if it stops well super simple either you shake it if you have a psycho movement like this one the 7 is – 6 which is not hand winding or you have a hand winding feature and you just have to turn the crown a few times most of the time manufacturer will tell you somewhere between 10 to 40 turns I guess that by turning the crown around 20 turns you’re good to go for at least a few hours and just wearing your watch for a few more hours will actually fully wound the mainspring.

Should I readjust the time in the morning when I wake up well if the mainspring was wound enough for it to keep power during the whole night you won’t have to do it of course this is an automatic watch this is not a quartz watch so it’s not as precise so if you want to get down to the second you might have to adjust it but if you don’t care about that it should be running just fine and you will not have to set the time the day and the date when you wake up in the morning so maybe your automatic watch stops overnight what happened there well basically most of the time is going to be because the mainspring was not wound enough rate to last through the night so no problem there don’t panic it’s just a matter of winding it again and it should be fine that will happen most of the time when you use a watch that was stopped for a few days so it didn’t move at all and you just want to wear it for the night and you have it on your wrist for somewhere from 1 to 3 hours and you don’t do much because I don’t know you’re at the scene something and actually you don’t move enough to wind the movement for it to last at least eight hours so if you know that you’re gonna be wearing this watch for a few more days you can shake it but this one or one day if you have a hand winding feature and it should be all good now if you’ve been wearing your watch for the whole day and it still stopped during the night that might be the sign that something is wrong with the movement so maybe something is damaged like the mainspring or the actual automatic winding mechanism might be damaged as well so in that case you might want to take your watch for a checkup and maybe a repair is it bad to let an automatic watch stop and he answer is no there is nothing wrong with your automatic watch stopping actually some people prefer their automatic watch not to run and so letting the watch sit and stop while they’re not wearing it will actually prevent wear and tear from the movement actually working this is how I do things but you might want to have your watch always on time and always ready to go so you might be wondering should I get a watch winder and as I just said if you want your watch be always ready when you want to grab it and just go this might be the use case actually I don’t care I do prefer to let my watch sit and stop and just set them again when I want to wear them but if it’s important for you for your watches to be always ready well in that case it would be better for you to get a watch winder because it will wind your watch all the time making sure that it’s always running of course is gonna be off by a few seconds depending on the movement but you won’t have to set the time and date every single time you want to wear it.

Is it bad to leave an automatic watch unwound for a long time and you know to this question there are many different kind of opinions some people put their watch in a safe in the bank for years and do not touch it and that might be fine if the environment is okay so the temperature is pretty stable not too hot not too cold not too moist this is very important and some people do prefer actually to start and make the watch run every month even if they don’t wear it and the reason is just to make sure that the movement is actually still running just fine and at the same time making sure that the oil within the movement do not dry up there are no hard and fast rule here just make sure that if you want to store your watch for many years and it is stored in a proper environment I keep my watch into rotation so I really don’t have to think about that and I think that it’s the case for most of us Washington yes in last but not least is an automatic watch more trouble and obviously it will depend if you want something that is very precise very accurate and is always ready to go when you want to get a watch maybe it’s better for you to get an automatic watch or get a watch winder if you want to have an automatic watch but truthfully I don’t care if my watch stopped I think that actually setting them to the day and the date and the time is part of the experience there is something special something unique about having that mechanical movement that takes away on your wrist that is something maybe romantic and this is exactly what I like about automatic watches and I know a lot of you guys watch it enthusiasts also share the same feeling so there you have it I do not pretend to know everything about automatic watches so if you have more tips and tricks for beginners please share with everybody in the comment section below if you like this video well please hit that like button and if you want to stay tuned about lists reviews watches for small reason watch it in general because that’s what we like around here what subscribe to the channel and check the little bell icon so they get notified as soon as I post a new video and in the meantime thank you so much for dropping by stay stylish and keep watching or maybe that one the automatic one

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