The Pocket Watch: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius

behold the portable timepiece also known as the pocket watch but where did it come from meet Peter henlon born around Nuremberg sometime in the 1500s nowadays not much is known about henlon except that he was probably a locksmith in the 16th century a locksmith was considered qualified to work on all sorts of mechanical devices including the clocks of the time which were notoriously unreliable most towns relied on the Sun or church bells to keep track of time as a result time could vary greatly from one village to the next that is until Hanlin sprung his invention on the world portable timepieces with balanced Springs historians generally agree that while henlon may not have invented the pocket watch he almost certainly was the first person to regularly manufacture and sell portable watches these drum shaped timepieces run for 40 hours without rewinding and were small enough to be worn on a chain around the neck or carried within a purse though the watches only had one hand and appear crude by modern standards they immeasurably changed Western society and ultimately the world you.

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